Five Ways to Take Video Beyond the Basic Explainer

If your business is only using video for explainers, it’s time to take another look at how video can be one of your best tools for generating new leads; closing deals; training employees and customers; and creating additional sources of revenue.

With a little creativity, basic video knowledge and sound voice over talent, your videos can serve as a gateway [...]

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Too Funny: VoiceBunny Voice Actor Bloopers!

Our VoiceBunny voice actors are more than just great voices, they are pretty funny people, too. Here’s some more memorable bloopers from our talent. WARNING: Some of these contain curse words in various languages! It may be best to wear headphones if there are sensitive ears around. :)

This one was submitted by voice actor Berkeley Pickell. Sometimes, a [...]

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    How to get the perfect voice over: advice from VoiceBunny clients

How to get the perfect voice over: advice from VoiceBunny clients

We recently emailed some of our VoiceBunny clients to get some tips and advice for getting the perfect voice over. Who better to advise on how to use our product than those that are getting the best results?! We got some really great advice and here are the highlights:

From Steve Pogatch, Audio Producer at Pandora:
Be specific in your needs when [...]

Voice Over Actor Jon Bailey Explains: What is ADR?

Today’s guest post is from Jon Bailey, the voice of one of the funniest YouTube channels out there, Honest Trailers, plus tons of actual movie and videogame trailers, toys, games, documentaries, and more. Be sure to watch the video at the end to hear Jon in action!

Voice actors spoof: Captain America The First Avenger

We challenged our voice talents to get creative and show off what they could do with their voices. We purposefully left the challenge open ended, and requested videos that were creative, fun, or educational that would serve as an inspiration to voice buyers for their next project.

Well, just take a look at the video above and you’ll find out [...]

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We’re looking for a new project manager in Bogotá

Bunny Inc. is disrupting an industry and you can help our rapid growth and global expansion! If you outperform your colleagues, are passionate about voice overs, and enjoy sharing your skills, then there is no better team for you than ours! Bunny Inc. has a growing demand for qualified overachievers that want to make an impact.

Applicants must currently be [...]

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    VoiceBunny’s New Favorites Feature Makes it Easy to Collaborate

VoiceBunny’s New Favorites Feature Makes it Easy to Collaborate

Need to collaborate with co-workers or clients on a VoiceBunny project? Our fancy new audio player makes it easy. Check out the video to learn how to create and share favorites lists and more:

Wanna hear some of Mr. Bunny’s favorites?
Here’s a few of his favorite “Character” voices:

Here’s some of Mr. Bunny’s favorite “Conversational” voices:

Here’s some of Mr. Bunny’s [...]

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A Guide to Buying Radio Ads

The radio is a powerful tool––and we don’t just mean for burgeoning pop stars. Radio provides an excellent advertising medium for small businesses or even larger entities looking to expand their customer base. Just imagine how many people you can reach with one on-air ad. If your company is in a city where a large number of people travel [...]

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    Free professional voice overs for entrepreneurs with strong accents

Free professional voice overs for entrepreneurs with strong accents

Recently, Y Combinator founder Paul Graham gave an interview to Inc. magazine in which he said that he does not accept entrepreneurs with thick foreign accents. The actual quote was:
One quality that’s a really bad indication is a CEO with a strong foreign accent. I’m not sure why. It could be that there are a bunch of subtle [...]

Sourcing Voice Overs: VoiceBunny vs Talent Agencies vs DIY

If you’re looking for a funky voice over to give that extra added “oomph” to one of your projects, you have three main choices for finding the ideal voice actor for the role. You could:

1. Use a voice talent agency
2. Try to source a good voice-over artist directly yourself
3. Or you could use VoiceBunny.

I think you can [...]

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